Papandayan, another life milestone

Here I am, doing one thing I never thought possible. Mountain trekking. I wont call it climbing as the route and terrain difficulty level looks more like afternoon walk-in-the-park for those experienced climbers. Not for me though. Last time I did this was something like 20 years ago. And I’ve been a city boy eversince.


We just arrived at mount Papandayan parking area, which is conveniently located very close to the crater. About 15 mins walk ? That’s what I was told. It’s about 10pm now, and we’re at one of huts that is still open at this hour. It was closed but Kang Ujang, the owner kindly opened his store for us and offerred a night stay till dawn tommorow when the climbers are allowed to start their ascent. Ah .. nothing beats a hot cup of kopi tubruk to company the night ..


Really quiet and cold now, but I’m very excited .. 🙂

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